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Working responsibly with hazardous substances

Which Health & Safety obligations does your company have when it comes to working with hazardous substances? Carry out a self-inspection and see what you must do.

Just storage or transport?

No exposure to hazardous substances? Then the self-inspection is not for you. Check to ensure that the Company Emergency Responders are organised for emergency situations.

Find out, in four steps, whether your company is working safely and healthily

Hazardous substances

‘Health & Safety begins with common sense’

As an employer, you want your employees to work with hazardous substances in a safe and healthy manner. This self-inspection will help you identify and evaluate risks and adapt measures accordingly. It is a complex subject that requires specialist knowledge. Do you have this in-house? If not, you could consider engaging an occupational hygienist.

How does it work?
With this self-inspection, you check whether your company is working safely and healthily, in just four steps. Your data will remain confidential and your answers cannot be accessed by the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) Inspectorate . You can always stop the self-inspection and restart at a later date.

Chemical substances well organised!

If you work with chemical substances, you must comply with other legislation. Two European regulations determine the requirements: REACH covers the registration of your substances and your information obligations; and CLP covers labelling and packaging.

Where you can go to find out more?
On the integrated website for REACH and CLP from the RIVM - Chemical substances well organised! - you can easily check what you have to do. Tick your company activities and answer a few questions per substance. You will then obtain clear action points and a customised step-by-step plan. After a maximum of just eight clicks, you will know what you must do to fulfil the legal requirements for REACH and CLP.

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