As an employer, you can test your working conditions policy by using the self-inspection on Hazardous Substances. In addition, this self-inspection will give you action points how to improve the situation in your organisation.

Take note: this self-inspection is a practical tool to raise the standard of your working conditions policy. No rights can be derived from this. The SZW Inspectorate is not responsible for the contents of external websites to which this self-inspection refers. The self-inspection neither offers any guarantees for a positive outcome at an inspection by an inspector of the SZWInspectorate.

The answers that you give and the information that you get via this self-inspection, are accessible to you only. They will always remain anonymous. There is no possibility for the SZWInspectorate to match up the data in the self-inspection to persons or organisations. The SZW Inspectorate will therefore never start an inspection as a result of information from a self-inspection. The SZW Inspectorate only registers how often the self-inspection is used.