Step 1: Inventory

Have you created an overview of all of the hazardous substances in your company?

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What are hazardous substances?
Inventory all hazardous substances in your company. This could include substances that:

  • are used
  • are made
  • are created during work
  • are held in stock


  • carcinogenic and mutagenic substances
  • reprotoxic substances
  • hazardous substances with a warning symbol
  • hazardous substances that are created during work (e.g. welding fumes, wood and respirable silica, diesel engine emissions)
  • substances that are released during hazardous reactions between substances (such as chlorine gas in sodium hypochlorite and swimming pools)
  • substances that the technical service use for repairs and maintenance

Before you start your inventory:
Make sure that your employees are exposed to hazardous substances as infrequently as possible. This can be done using logical measures, such as exposure limiting the number of people that work, screening the substance effectively, providing facilities for safely carrying out repairs, ensuring employees are alert, storing hazardous substances safely after use.


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