Step 4: Assurance

The situation regarding hazardous substances in your company can change. Do you have a fixed method for highlighting changing situations and making them safe?

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Internal or external changes
In the event of any changes, you must ensure that your safety measures are still adequate. This concerns changes in your company and also external changes.

Internal changes such as:

  • You recruit new employees.
  • Your company engages contractors or agency employees.
  • Your replace a hazardous substance in the production process.
  • You start making a new product.
  • You introduce new management measures or a new production process.

External changes such as:

  • The SDS for a hazardous substance is reviewed.
  • The exposure limits for a substance are amended.
  • A substance is added to the list of CMR substances.
  • A substance is added to the authorisation or restriction list.

Changes can also correspond to new risks. You must therefore take suitable measures. Self-inspection is therefore a good tool.

Carry out a safety check at least once a year

Check the overall safety situation in your company at least once a year. For example, using self-inspection. Be particularly aware of carcinogenic (C) and mutagenic (M) substances. Is your inventory still up-to-date? Have new substances been added to the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment’s list? Could you replace the SM substances with a less hazardous alternative?


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